Monday, August 11, 2008

StoreCards & Another Freebie Hunt

Oh my gosh, this is the month of freebies and hunts. :o I'm taking a vacation soon! :p

Okay, first things, I have a new storecard system, yay! It's totally automated, no more waiting, no more hassle...just purchase a card from the vendor in the shop, and spendspendspend, or gift it to someone! That simple. If you were a member of my update group, you could have been one of the lucky ONE HUNDRED people who received a FREE 400L giftcard last night as a kickstart to the new system! I keep tellin' should join.


And for newest news! I have a shop at the Starlust motel and those crazy kids have decided to throw together a panty hunt. :D How fun is that? Since I can't make clothing all...I decided to make some goofy panty poses to stick in my golden clam (oh yeah, just go to Floyd or Lloyd sims and hunt for golden clams). This is what you'll get from my clam:

First up we have the 'crack attack' pose, for all those times when you need to dig yer panties out of yer crack. Second the 'omg my panties are so rawk, look at them!' pose, for uh..when you ..feel like ..bending over and showing everyone your panties? And last the 'holy package of panties' pose, the great 'V' of divine justice...I bet it could be unisex. heh.

Also, all the underpants used in that photo are part of the hunt too, courtesy Apatia and HoH! Woo! So what the hell are you waiting for, get thee arses to the Starlust Motel and dig them clams!


Ryker Beck said...

LOL!!! I love you so much Dove. Your sense of humor always brightens my day. :)))

Venturino B. said...

This is Awesomeness!! ROTFL!

Ann Launay said...

I have better than 50 clams but I can't friggin' find yours! Waaaaah!