Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Stuffs, More Hunts & Teasers

The (greatest!) poop hunt is long gone and over, if you missed it - I'm sorry! Some of the things in the hunt will be released at normal prices in the shop, some will be put out as ever-long freebies in the store, and some will never see the light of day again. Poo.

But I haven't been idle in the meantime - I've got a ton of stuff I'm working on, almost complete is a new "rawkstar" set ...this one is going out to all my buddies who are live performers in SL. Here are some teaser images for you, keep in mind it won't be released for some time and might be released under a different name. (you can click the images for a full size preview)

There's also a hunt going on at HoH/Bewitched...I have a shop at the HoH mall and I'm very grateful to Shel and Fall for allowing me to take up space there, so trying once again to be a good neighbor, I am participating in the daisy pickin' hunt going on, starting today! Because it seemed fitting, I've put my 'Summer Daze' pose set into my daisy - all you have to do is find it and the set is your's free! You can find the full details on the hunt over here.

And lastly, my buddy Pill (aka: Pie) has her own sim called Zombie Love. She invited me over to have a little spot on her island and tonight at 7pm SLT she is having an opening party. I'm not alone over there - you can find ~momo~, Katat0nik, Mia, PillBugg's, and more! Tonight there will be a live music show and some freebies out just for visitors to Zombie Love...I've whipped up a set of zombie poses just for you, I know that ~momo~ has out the cutest suit, and Pill put together some adorable bangles! Some extremely creepy pictures for you of my zombie poses (yes my zombie wears pornstars):

(oops, sorry for breaking the feed, bad code! :o Just click here to see zombie pics instead)

Okay, that's all from me, I'll have some new releases next week, so keep an eye out for those. Until then, have fun, have a great weekend! <3 Dove

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