Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Poses @ [LAP]

Long Awkward Pose In-World

Gotchur newness right hurr!

I have been promising, for months, more poses for the females that will work with the modeling side of things. And, taking a cue from one of those guilty pleasures of mine (ANTM) I've come up with a set of 20 new poses. They're not too dramatic, so they could be used for casual and every-day work as well. Please note that I've made these 'AO-ready'.....Slow transitions. Lower priority. And loose heads where possible. Demo. demo. demo them!

And if you missed it, or you are still waiting on it, I've got these two sets, from this past weekend, up in the shop now!

A set originally requested to be less torture on the micro-mini skirts, but it has great all-purpose use (and isn't horrid on the system skirts either). I'm kinda proud of this set, hope you guys like it too!

Okay, I was bored...and alone this past weekend. This is what happens. Um, it's raunchy, and durty and just plain fun(ny) - enjoy! :p hehe.

While yer there, join my update group (it's a SOM, doesn't use up any group slots and it's free, just click the kiosk) to keep up on news, newness, sales, specials, deals, freebies and more! And if you want more opportunities to get ahold of some of my poses, look up my Flickr group, we run contests with great prizes all the time!

Have a great week everyone! <3 Dove

Monday, May 19, 2008

[LAP] - Coming SOON!

I made this. It's coming soon. I'm teasing you on purpose. :p

And yeah, Dove is wearing a moustache.

Also, cumming SOON. HAH!

I blame this one ALL on Law being gone this weekend. :p

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New @ [LAP] - Female Poses, Couples & Group Sets!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

Woo! I've been a busy bee lately and you guys get to reap it! Ladies and more ladies poses, and lots of couples and group poses too. On with it...

Aerial Assault - I was flipping through a magazine and came across a Got Milk? ad that featured what they call 'aerial artists' and I felt instant inspiration and this is the result of that. Not for everyone, not for everyday use, but I think some people will enjoy it bunches.

Sitting Pretty - This is kind of a sequel to the 'Sitting Duck' set that I have. It's mostly sits, some crouchy type stuff thrown in - and muchly inspired by my fascination with ANTM! I'm a sucker for that show. (I've slowed transition on all of my new poses, but not all are AO-able, so just test them out.)

And lastly, the warmer weather and walks in the sunshine have been guiding my hand lately. I wanted to do something fun, cute and fitting to the season change...and I give you what I'm calling my "summer collection" (I know, hugely creative and original of me hehe).

Summer Daze - This pose set is SO not intended for my style of vendor ads, it really doesn't do them justice. I think this set might be one of my new favs, just because it's fun to play with and use while you are out and about in SL. It's also something I don't do often - create poses for the above-angle of the camera, kinda tricky.

(click for larger image preview)


1. SHOP. I have remodeled my shop somewhat, actually I just expanded it. I'm not quite finished but you might wonder what the hell if you TP in and seem a little lost. Speaking of, please make sure to update your SLURLs to the one included in this notice to prevent being dropped in a tacky spot. I've shifted the sets around and grouped them as best I can, male poses to the left, couples and group poses to the right, newness straight ahead and female poses all along the big wall. If you are wondering why I did this? Because I hope to be expanding into animating and AOs soon - yeah yeah, you heard me. :p

2. OUTLETS. I've been invited to join a few different communities and shopping areas lately. I'm so very thankful to everyone who has helped with this, considered me for this and just been generally awesome people. I've gotten my first one set up, for the most part, at House of Heart. I'll mainly use my satellite shops for new releases but you can find a dab of everything there. Here is the SLURL for that location, I'll update you on the others when I get set up.

3. CHUBBY. Heh. I just wanted to say that. :p I had quite a few requests for my couple's poses to be a little easier to purchase rather than clicking on 20+ ads and buying them seperately. So, I tried to group them as best I could, and now I offer my couple's sets in chubby packs! Woot! So far it's working out to about 3 sets per pack, and I've tried to "theme" them properly. Don't worry though, you can still purchase them individually from the vendor pose stands.

4. SOM. I was noticing the other day I have quite a few people in my subscribe-o-matic group, surprising number, at least to me. So, I thought it might be fun to have a little event for my most awesome of awesome customers once we hit the 1,000 subscribers mark! :o :o :o I think when that day happens I might have a secret sale for my update group only, or maybe give each member a free pose set of their choosing. If you have ideas, shoot'em my way!

5. FLICKR. I am a total flickr noob but I'm also a flickr addict. I just recently started a group on flickr for [LAP] and I'd love if you flickr-holics out there came and joined us and let us pool your photos that use [LAP] poses! If that's not enough, currently I'm running a weekly contest where I pick the coolest and most awesomely rad pic from the bunch and that person wins a free pose set of their choice! We're going to start doing themed photos and probably much more once I have more time - just keep an eye on the discussion boards there. If you want to join up, here's the link to the group:

6. THANKS. I wanted to toss in some general thanks here too. I wanted to thank all of my customers who give me such great feedback and input. I love the suggestions and pose ideas that you guys give so generously. <3 I'm doing my best to get to them all! Thank you to all the bloggers out there who take interest in a simple pose maker. :p Your reviews, interviews, credits of poses and just plain old fun are much appreciated! Thank you to my patient and amazing buddies who always come when I yell needing bodies to fill my pose balls (Kallisto, Pill, Winter, my honey and so many more! <3 ). Lastly I wanted to thank you all for your enthusiasm in the events I participate in (and also to the folks who invite me to take part in these events) - be it for charity or just for fun, you guys really make it happen! And yep, there'll be more in the near future! ;)

Okay, I think that's it ...I hope I covered everything. If you read this far, wow, bravo! Until next time - have a great weekend everyone!

<3 Dove
(just another poser)