Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Poses @ [LAP]

Long Awkward Pose In-World

Gotchur newness right hurr!

I have been promising, for months, more poses for the females that will work with the modeling side of things. And, taking a cue from one of those guilty pleasures of mine (ANTM) I've come up with a set of 20 new poses. They're not too dramatic, so they could be used for casual and every-day work as well. Please note that I've made these 'AO-ready'.....Slow transitions. Lower priority. And loose heads where possible. Demo. demo. demo them!

And if you missed it, or you are still waiting on it, I've got these two sets, from this past weekend, up in the shop now!

A set originally requested to be less torture on the micro-mini skirts, but it has great all-purpose use (and isn't horrid on the system skirts either). I'm kinda proud of this set, hope you guys like it too!

Okay, I was bored...and alone this past weekend. This is what happens. Um, it's raunchy, and durty and just plain fun(ny) - enjoy! :p hehe.

While yer there, join my update group (it's a SOM, doesn't use up any group slots and it's free, just click the kiosk) to keep up on news, newness, sales, specials, deals, freebies and more! And if you want more opportunities to get ahold of some of my poses, look up my Flickr group, we run contests with great prizes all the time!

Have a great week everyone! <3 Dove

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Anonymous said...

i know i'm not around but i need the pornstar wannabe set!!!