Thursday, April 30, 2009

New From [LAP] - Male Poses for the Shy Guy!

I'm back! And starting it off with some new boy poses. Not your usual macho-man style either, just something a little fun, a little flirty and a lot shy. [LAP]'s very own Shy Guy. "Awwww" :p

Once again I focused really hard on breaks, flat feet, hand placement and the like - I hope I've pulled that off okay. As always the full set comes in both priority 3 and 4, but like with my last set (the blogger poses) I've also included a few variations on some of the poses where I felt it was appropriate. 10 new original poses, 5 variations on those and 2 priorities. So, when you purchase this full set for 400L you are getting 30 poses! :o

They're up at the mainstore so far (up on the stage), they'll be at my outlets and Xstreet soon enough. Always demo, and yes you can purchase them as singles too (50L ea.)!

More to come soon!

<3 Dove (just another poser)
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