Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Stuffs, More Hunts & Teasers

The (greatest!) poop hunt is long gone and over, if you missed it - I'm sorry! Some of the things in the hunt will be released at normal prices in the shop, some will be put out as ever-long freebies in the store, and some will never see the light of day again. Poo.

But I haven't been idle in the meantime - I've got a ton of stuff I'm working on, almost complete is a new "rawkstar" set ...this one is going out to all my buddies who are live performers in SL. Here are some teaser images for you, keep in mind it won't be released for some time and might be released under a different name. (you can click the images for a full size preview)

There's also a hunt going on at HoH/Bewitched...I have a shop at the HoH mall and I'm very grateful to Shel and Fall for allowing me to take up space there, so trying once again to be a good neighbor, I am participating in the daisy pickin' hunt going on, starting today! Because it seemed fitting, I've put my 'Summer Daze' pose set into my daisy - all you have to do is find it and the set is your's free! You can find the full details on the hunt over here.

And lastly, my buddy Pill (aka: Pie) has her own sim called Zombie Love. She invited me over to have a little spot on her island and tonight at 7pm SLT she is having an opening party. I'm not alone over there - you can find ~momo~, Katat0nik, Mia, PillBugg's, and more! Tonight there will be a live music show and some freebies out just for visitors to Zombie Love...I've whipped up a set of zombie poses just for you, I know that ~momo~ has out the cutest suit, and Pill put together some adorable bangles! Some extremely creepy pictures for you of my zombie poses (yes my zombie wears pornstars):

(oops, sorry for breaking the feed, bad code! :o Just click here to see zombie pics instead)

Okay, that's all from me, I'll have some new releases next week, so keep an eye out for those. Until then, have fun, have a great weekend! <3 Dove

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ew, You Stink!

So, maybe the hunt has started, maybe not. I'm not telling. Here are some more teasers for you...just a few more of the most AWESOME free shit to be had during my great poop hunt (join the group for info!)! :D These and much much more to be scooped!

For the larger sizes of the images, you can check my flickr stream. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's coming......

Just five more minutes baby, let me get mine and then you can get yours! So yeah, another day, another round of teasers for the adoring masses (please don't hit me, I bruise easily). I've got more coming up later today and who knows, maybe the MOST AMAZING HUNT YOU'VE EVER PARTICIPATED IN ...will be starting? Could be. Maybe not. Only my in-world SOM group will know for sure. :p And those of you with inside sources, your days are numbered. Muahaha.

Sorry, it's early, I'm feeling frisky. Anyway, on with the show, here are some more of the great prizes you can find during my crappy poopy hunt which will be starting very very soon. I told you I'd have group stuffs and boy stuffs, well here you go.
(I'm posting these small so they don't eat up the feed, if you want to see the full versions just check out my flickr stream).

Remember, I love you, and you love me, that's why this continued game of teasing and chasing is okay. Right?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Teasers...

I'm sure you guys hate me posting up teaser stuff on the's really rather pointless, except that I like to imagine you guys with your panties all in a wad. :D So yeah, here's some more teaser stuff for the CRAPPIEST HUNT EVAR - coming to an [LAP] near you SOON! The only way you are getting the full details is if you join my in-world group (kiosk on the steps at the main store, totally free, doesn't use a group slot, just do it!) or if you have a friend who has a big mouth. :p I'll post some more teaser pics tomorrow after I finish taking the bazillion snapshots for these darn things! :o Prepare yer pooper scoopers, this mess is gonna take awhile to clean up.

Remember, there will be couples poses, group poses, female poses, male poses and I've even decided to throw in, at the last minute, a new chubby set! :O I have lost my ever-loving mind! WOO!

Okay. Goodnight.

Monday, August 11, 2008

StoreCards & Another Freebie Hunt

Oh my gosh, this is the month of freebies and hunts. :o I'm taking a vacation soon! :p

Okay, first things, I have a new storecard system, yay! It's totally automated, no more waiting, no more hassle...just purchase a card from the vendor in the shop, and spendspendspend, or gift it to someone! That simple. If you were a member of my update group, you could have been one of the lucky ONE HUNDRED people who received a FREE 400L giftcard last night as a kickstart to the new system! I keep tellin' should join.


And for newest news! I have a shop at the Starlust motel and those crazy kids have decided to throw together a panty hunt. :D How fun is that? Since I can't make clothing all...I decided to make some goofy panty poses to stick in my golden clam (oh yeah, just go to Floyd or Lloyd sims and hunt for golden clams). This is what you'll get from my clam:

First up we have the 'crack attack' pose, for all those times when you need to dig yer panties out of yer crack. Second the 'omg my panties are so rawk, look at them!' pose, for uh..when you ..feel like ..bending over and showing everyone your panties? And last the 'holy package of panties' pose, the great 'V' of divine justice...I bet it could be unisex. heh.

Also, all the underpants used in that photo are part of the hunt too, courtesy Apatia and HoH! Woo! So what the hell are you waiting for, get thee arses to the Starlust Motel and dig them clams!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I hate hunts. I hate them so much that I participate in every one that I have time for. I suffer the cluttered inventory of hunt madness along with the rest of you. So, because I had been promising my group a ton of freebies for weeks, rather than being cool and nice and just "dumping" them in a box and "dumping" them on my group neatly....I decided to be a brat, stick the freebies in piles of sculpted poop goodness and scatter them all over my main store location. WOO!

I'm not sure when yet, but soon, as in days from now. I'm not sure how many shit piles you need to find, but it will be many. It will include couples, groups, female and male poses (no boys, I won't forget you!). Yay! :D The only way you are going to know all the details is if you join my update group - it's free, doesn't use one of your group slots and you'll get a bunch of free crap from me! And by crap I really mean awesometastic amazingest stuff ever!

Stay tuned for more droppings....(I really must pun the hell out of this crap thing as long as I possibly can, sorry)...