Sunday, February 17, 2008

New @ [LAP] - Two New Couple's Pose Sets & Freebies!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

I finished two more couple's sets this week, all of my couple's sets are mod/trans, for 100L each (older couple's poses are 50L). You can come by the shop and try them out in the pose stand, or just buy them directly from the posters on the wall.

First up, Glam Rawk Couple:

And, Dance Couple:

I had a request for some cheerleading poses, so I whipped out a set of ten but they're not really something I would normally offer for sale in my shop, so instead I stuck them in a box by the doorway for FREE! Yay!

Annnnnd, since I have a new subscribe-o-matic group, and because I looooove groupies, for a very very limited time, if you join my group you can get my new "The Crew" group set (6 person!) for FREE. The real reason yer getting it for free is because I'm a slacker and don't have the vendor ad finished yet join my group (two kiosks located at my shop) and get it while you can (click the kiosk again after joining and browse the archives to find the freebie) - probably a less than 24 hour window there, after that it goes on sale at regular pricing! Hurry, hurry!

Later taters...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New @ [LAP] - 3 New Pose Sets!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

Whew! I've been working my tush off - well, I've also been working those closest to me too. hehe. I'mma slave driver. I've got three new pose sets for you tonight, one new male pose set and two new female sets. Gonna keep this short and sweet since my brain is about to collapse. All static poses are mod/copy, these new poses are 50L each or you can buy them in sets of 10 for 400L. Located in my shop on the wall straight in front of the doorway.

Dude IV - Funky and fun(ny) once again, inspiration and guidance given by your's truly, Lawless McBride.

Glamour Girl Sets I & II - inspired by retro/pinup art (Vargas) and brought to you for the classy/sassy gals. As an aside note, these poses were fitted using a leggier avatar, so if you are used to them fitting you without trying them out, please be aware of this. (model: BoRee Vella! yay!)

And, I finally decided to give the subscribe-o-matic update system a whirl - for those of you who kept asking if I had an update group, I do now! There's a kiosk outside on the steps and one inside the doorway on the wall - simply click and voila, you're in and you'll be kept updated without ever using up one of your precious group slots. :)

Later this week: more couple's poses and group pose sets!

Monday, February 11, 2008

New @ [LAP] - Two New Pose Sets!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

I told you I would have plenty of goodies for you over the next few days! Well, here's some more. Some of you who were customers of mine in the past might have noticed that a few of my old poses were MIA - it's true, I held them back because I hadn't completed the sets by the time my shop was ready to reopen (read: I'm a slacker). So, here they are, two sets composed of a mix of old and new poses!

The first is called "Snapshot" ...kind of a 'caught in motion' group of poses, pretty fun actually and funny to look at. 350L for 10 poses, or buy them seperately for 25-50L.

The next set I decided to call "Hand Job" ...yes, I went there, I did it. Hehe. All of the poses use some form of hand position to convey a still-act or expression. See for yourself. 350L for 10 poses, or buy them seperately for 25-50L.

New last week, just as a refresher, the 'Tuff Stuff' pose set - slouchy, slumpy, hunched and non-sexy - almost unisex. 400L for 12 poses, or buy them seperately for 50L.

Also, my anti-valentine's couple's sets are still up ...probably "retired" after the holiday though, so get them while you can! I've still got 3 more sets in the works and then I will be putting the static-pose making on the backburner for a bit so that I can focus on animations and AOs like I've been promising forever. ;p


Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Poses @ [LAP] - "Tuff Stuff"

Inspired by a certain short, spunky and full of attitude gal (she can name herself if she wants ;) ) who came to my grand reopening party - this set is subtle, not at all sexy and probably could be somewhat unisex even though I made it for the girls. It's full of slouched shoulders, slumped spines and somewhat gender-bending poses. I think that's a theme in my SLife this week - wearing boi clothes, creating boi poses. Go team me!

12 static poses (mod/copy) for 400L (I threw in some extras just for fun) or you can buy them each seperately for 50L. Available only in my shop, buy the poster to get the full set or buy them individually from the pose stand.


I've still got the valentine's day couple's sets up for those of you who like a twist on the "romantic"....I'll probably be taking them down after valentine's to make room for more couple's and group sets I've been working on - so get them while you can!

Keep an eye out for more updates from [LAP] this week, I'll be churning out the sets I've been sitting on and dillydallying with.

Visit my shop in-world at: Long Awkward Pose