Monday, February 11, 2008

New @ [LAP] - Two New Pose Sets!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

I told you I would have plenty of goodies for you over the next few days! Well, here's some more. Some of you who were customers of mine in the past might have noticed that a few of my old poses were MIA - it's true, I held them back because I hadn't completed the sets by the time my shop was ready to reopen (read: I'm a slacker). So, here they are, two sets composed of a mix of old and new poses!

The first is called "Snapshot" ...kind of a 'caught in motion' group of poses, pretty fun actually and funny to look at. 350L for 10 poses, or buy them seperately for 25-50L.

The next set I decided to call "Hand Job" ...yes, I went there, I did it. Hehe. All of the poses use some form of hand position to convey a still-act or expression. See for yourself. 350L for 10 poses, or buy them seperately for 25-50L.

New last week, just as a refresher, the 'Tuff Stuff' pose set - slouchy, slumpy, hunched and non-sexy - almost unisex. 400L for 12 poses, or buy them seperately for 50L.

Also, my anti-valentine's couple's sets are still up ...probably "retired" after the holiday though, so get them while you can! I've still got 3 more sets in the works and then I will be putting the static-pose making on the backburner for a bit so that I can focus on animations and AOs like I've been promising forever. ;p



Lawless McBride said...

ummm..can i get a hand job?...heh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah D!! As you already know I have used the "Hand Job" set and did some improv for my Cotton Candy pictures and well it really worked, I'm sure if anyone was passing by while I was on location right next to <3 Cupcakes, they probably wondered what the HELL is that chick doing with Cotton Candy and all that movement on the wall...I was one of those people. Anyways, the poses are great, some made me blush....but I'm glad you WENT THERE! Some has's to short.
Luv to the Dove

Anonymous said...

damn one gives a better handjob than you - true story