Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Poses @ [LAP] - "Tuff Stuff"

Inspired by a certain short, spunky and full of attitude gal (she can name herself if she wants ;) ) who came to my grand reopening party - this set is subtle, not at all sexy and probably could be somewhat unisex even though I made it for the girls. It's full of slouched shoulders, slumped spines and somewhat gender-bending poses. I think that's a theme in my SLife this week - wearing boi clothes, creating boi poses. Go team me!

12 static poses (mod/copy) for 400L (I threw in some extras just for fun) or you can buy them each seperately for 50L. Available only in my shop, buy the poster to get the full set or buy them individually from the pose stand.


I've still got the valentine's day couple's sets up for those of you who like a twist on the "romantic"....I'll probably be taking them down after valentine's to make room for more couple's and group sets I've been working on - so get them while you can!

Keep an eye out for more updates from [LAP] this week, I'll be churning out the sets I've been sitting on and dillydallying with.

Visit my shop in-world at: Long Awkward Pose


Anonymous said...

D - I'm coming by after work to get those. But if you're there make sure I just buy the whole set and not each one individually again?!! derrrr.

And I can't find any guys that want to have me as their BISH and pose with me for my Valentine's sad, can I borrow Lawless for an hour and then you can put him back in his cage?

Hugs <3

Dove Swanson said...

I rent him out by the hour. He's in high demand these days, so the rates are on the rise! Get'im while he's hawt! hehe.

Lawless McBride said...

ill even change my underwear for you!!!..or at least turn it around...heh