Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Non-Fashion, Spank me.

FIXED!!!! A very helpful forum user was able to give me a tip. Apparently the newer models come with bundled (forced) security software. So, if you come across this problem, make sure to uninstall the 'edata security' software. That's all I did and it fixed it. I'm only bumping this to make sure people know and just incase anyone else has this problem you guys will know what to tell them. Thank you everyone!

I know this is poor form to post something non-fashion related on the feed, and doing so with my shop blog. :o Whoops. But this is important to me.

Some of you might know that I've been struggling with a dying computer for weeks now. I finally decided to call it quits with the old beast and so I got a new computer wednesday. It's lovely, it works wonderfully. I didn't actually try uploading anything until Sunday, and that's when I ran into a problem. For some reason I can't upload - at all. I have no upload dialog menu. I crash if I try to force it to find a file. I crash crash crash. I've done everything I can think of - uninstalled, reinstalled, different accounts, different viewers. Today a friend pointed me in the direction of a JIRA that is my problem exactly. Apparently it's a new model Acer issue, as that's what my computer is too.

If any of you want to take a look at the symptoms in the JIRA comments and give me ideas or suggestions - I'd love that also. But if you could just take a moment to go there and simply vote on the issue, I'd appreciate that muchly.


This is rather crucial...it might not seem like much, but without the ability to upload - LAP comes to a grinding halt. I'm going to steal a computer from my mother or brother to try and use for uploading in the meantime, but that will be such a tedious process I can probably assure you that I won't accomplish much at all. So, for those of you who care about this at all, and my sanity, please vote!

Thank you! <3 Dove


mistyforeverlost said...

I had this happen in Beta Grid last night. If I tried to open Gimp before Beta fully loaded, I crashed out. If I tried to switch to another webpage while waiting for the load, I crashed out.

Anyway, voted...and here's to it passing through FAST!

Stephanie Misfit said...

Bugger, that is a bit of a show stopper, isn't it? Voted on Jira. Have you given the Nicholaz Old School viewer a try? It's based on the LL viewer, which is pre-voice, pre-Windlight, pre-everything so quite a bit more stable for some people http://nicholaz-beresford.blogspot.com/2008/05/release-old-school-os-p.html

Leah McCullough said...

OMG!!! I've voted!! I can't live without your poses!!! Hope you can get this right!! XOX Leah

Tenshi said...

I wonder if it has something to do with forced packets sent and your NIC. But why your NIC would cause your program to crash is beyond me - seems to me it would simply make your internet lag like hell.

Saw this on the JIRA: "'Found a work around for this problem. Goto preferences to the tab communications, change path, from that moment on uploading and snapshot saving did work. I think the problem is related to the Vista SL communication. U have to do this everytime after login if want to upload and save to disk. Hope they can fix this or give us tip what todo in Vista.' But doing that everytime so sucks"

But if it was Vista, why am I not getting this problem? I run an Acer laptop, a 5920, and uploaded - BULK, even - earlier. No problems.

wtf? (I'm running vista, and I used both OnRez and Second Life viewers)

Anonymous said...

Damn, that is a big pile of ass Dovers. I voted, hopefully it will be worked out quickly. Um... But yeah, these are the Lindens we are talking about. :/

Dove Swanson said...

Thanks you guys. I dunno what to do. I love this computer already, it's soo soo sweet to me. I really hate to think I'm going to have to return it over an issue like this. It breaks my heart but ..I guess I'll have to do what I have to do. I have 14 days to return in-store so...we'll see I guess. :(

Stephanie, I just tried the oldskool viewer - same deal, no upload, crash when attempt. It was worth a shot tho!

Tenshi, how old is that model of Acer? I'm getting the feeling it's in the newer versions, as in brand-new... but I may be incorrect.

Tenshi said...

I bought it last month, brand new! O_o

Dove Swanson said...

Hmm, well that blows that theory out of the water...unless that's just an older model still available on the shelves.

It seems to be affecting the models in the 6 months or less range.

I wish I could figure out what the difference is in those models and these. They've fucked something up from there to here. :(


Torrid said...

Ugh Dove sorry to hear that, seems like when you need to do something the most that's when it happens. I've had issues myself with SL the last month. I'll be sure to vote and good luck!