Friday, July 4, 2008

[LAP] @ Starlust Motel - July 4th FUN!

I'm doing it again, trying to be a more active and better neighbor like Mr.

My satellite shop at the Starlust Motel will have one pose set inside the shop marked down to 50% and in front of the motel, on the picnic tables out there, you will find a totally free pose set - plus lots of other fun freebies from Starlust designers.

Be sure to stick around and explore the sim, it's one of the most fun layouts and designs ever. Plus you can rez a horse and ride around! :O They're calling for food, fun and loose women, you can find more information over here:

My holiday deals run out tonight at midnight, so hurry while the gettin is good! Hope to see you guys over there, be safe and have a happy 4th!!

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