Thursday, March 20, 2008

New @ [LAP] - Prop Poses & Easter Fun!

Long Awkward Pose

Okay folks, I know it's been a little bit since I last made a peep, but here you go! News, newness and updates!

**** Incase you missed the notice last time, my shop has moved locations, please update your LMs, picks, SLURLs, etc to point to the location above. Thank you! ****

Now, I have three new releases but each of them have some temporary conditions to them, so please read carefully so that you understand and don't come rushing to the store confused. ;)

First up, I am participating in the grid-wide egg hunt organized by Vain Inc. It sounds like it's gonna be alot of fun and a great opportunity to snatch up some awesome freebies simply by hopping LMs from one shop to another. There are some great designers and creators participating, and all you have to do is grab the first egg at the starting location, hop to the LM inside of it, find the next egg, hop to next LM, and so on - collecting over 20 free prizes! Yay!

It doesn't start until the 23rd (I will be dropping the starting egg and instructions on my update group closer to go-time) and runs through both the 23rd and 24th of this month. I am offering one of my new sets, unreleased, for free for those two days ONLY! After this egg-hunting event it will go on sale in my shop as usual, so please make sure you come participate in the fun! This set is kind of a sequel to my "Kewt as a Button" set ...I call it 'Sweetheart' and I even threw in a totally free "bunny" pose just for kicks. ;) Teaser here:

Please remember, this will NOT be available to hunt until the 23rd!

And now for the big big OMG news. Sorta. Back when I reopened my shop, Laynie Link attended the reopening party and we had talked about how I always wanted to work with props at some point - I just wasn't skilled enough as a builder and had no idea where to start. She told me that she had wanted to dabble in prop poses as well but I think her shop just kept her too busy - so we formed a little partnership that night. She dropped some simple props she'd made on me, and I promised I would work with them. It took me THIS long. I know. I suck. I think the fact that Laynie's computer went bye-bye provoked and motivated me to get off my rear and finish these prop sets up. I wanted to figure out a way to pay her a percentage of my profits to begin with, but when her computer died I decided that for a period of time I would simply give her 100% of the profits made off of these sets as my way of saying thank you and also helping out a friend and fellow creator. So that's what I'm doing. If you come by the shop, know that your purchase of either of these two sets will be helping a sweet person like Laynie out, and please click the poster for an LM to her store where you can help her directly through further purchases or donations. Thank you!

That said - in the process of creating the poses for the props I started realizing these would totally suck without some way of scripting the props to work with the poses - luckily I came across a freebie script that did pretty much exactly what I needed it to do...I modified it a bit and voila! Scripted pose props!! :o They are totally mod/copy so you can edit them to your desire, make as many copies as you want, play with them, experiment, have fun. And if the script becomes a hassle, simply yank the poses from the props and use them seperately if you want (at the price I am selling these for, you are still only paying 50L per pose, which is the normal rate - you are basically getting the scripted prop FREE).

Perhaps in the future I will work more with props, it's really opening my mind to ideas and possibilities. I have more pose sets in the works, yes, men, you too will be getting some goodies, hopefully by next week! And I know I've been saying it for months and months, but I swear I will get into animating and AOs soon!

That's all for this update!

Dove <3

Long Awkward Pose

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