Sunday, March 9, 2008


Let me get the business end of things out of the way first. My shop has moved, not by choice, but what's done is done - please pass this on, update blog links, webpage links, picks and personal landmarks to this new location:

Long Awkward Pose

Now, a little rant from your's truly.

I am not normally the kind of person to drag my dirty laundry out into the front yard and beat it with a stick...but this one hit very close to home, literally, and I'm pretty fuckin' raw over it. I'm sure this will be a story all of you have experienced yourself or know someone who has, still not gonna stop me from telling mine.

I only just reopened my shop in January of this year, I decided to rent/buy from someone I thought I could trust as a friend. I owned two 4096 parcels in his commercial sim. I paid my tier on time or early, and it was not due again until the 15th of March. This morning, my landlord who was upset at being told I only wanted to speak to him if it dealt with business (because he has progressively attempted to persue a personal/romantic relationship with me and invaded my private space repeatedly), decided to tell me to get off his land by the 15th.

Now, this, I would have had no problem's within his rights to do so and doesn't break his covenant in any way - although it reaks of immaturity and childishness. But then he proceeded to eject and ban my partner, Lawless McBride from our parcel and home. Lawless had said not a word to him, had barely *ever* said anything more than "hi and hello" to him the entire time we have resided there. He apparently put me on mute at that point in time and would not reply to anything I was saying or asking. Law IMed him and at one point in their conversation, the landlord even said that he banned him without reason and told him to "knock himself out" in response to reporting this to LL. Which, sure, is a total joke but that does not negate the fact that this landlord stepped WAY over his professional boundary.

He used Law against me because he knew it would work - and it did. By ejecting/banning Law he knew I would be provoked to leave his sim sooner than my 15th deadline because why the hell do I want to sit in a sim, on a parcel where my partner can't even come for the next week??? Not only this, but the land was set to group-owned with myself and Lawless being members and he has always paid half the tier on our properties! Since I am aware that we are pretty much subject to this landlord's whims and covenant, I know that we have very few rights, if any. I also did not want to bet my business on his rants and whims, I wanted to get my shop out of there and secured in a new location before this nutcase blew another sparkplug and decided to delete everything I worked so hard on.

Anyway, this is my attempt at taking back a little power in this situation and perhaps giving him a little bit of "fuck you too" in the process. His sims are primarily residential, but he is branching into commercial sims, so PLEASE, designers/creators, think twice before getting into business with this man - because he'll be expecting you to get into bed with him too!

Avoid this man and his sims at ALL costs:

Poor Excuse for a Sim Owner - Juan Cusack.
His Sims: Hatteras Island, Jockeys Ridge, Manteo, Elizabeth City, Emerald Isle, Topsail Beach, Pamlico Sound, Wilmington, Kill Devil Hill, Carolina Beach.


Winter Jefferson said...

He'll be sorry.

*No further comment at this time, your Honour*

Ana Lutetia said...

What a story...

That was one of the main reasons I had to move recently. :/
I bought a sim with friends but they didn't respected my space or privacy and expected that I didn't had any security whatsoever so that any newbie that would visit the sim could visit everywhere. For me, it's as simple as this: I pay for my land and it's up to me to chose who can visit or not.

-Ana Lutetia

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! X( That sucks, why does landlords are acting so evil these days, and he banned Law? xD

KK,Good Luck with the new location!!! <3 Will visit you very soon xD

Tri <3

Strawberry Singh said...

wow, now that's a little fatal attractionish. Good thing you got outta there when you did! Just keep your bunnies safe now.

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Eep! Your (former) landlord sounds a like a real jerk. Glad you're well rid of him now...