Sunday, May 3, 2009

[LAP] Burtonesque Photo Competition

I don't want to spam the feed with all the details, so to get those, please follow through to the official flickr group for this contest, found HERE. But just to make sure we have your attention, take a look-see at some of the prizes to be had!

1st Place Winner (grand prize):
photoLIFE photo studio (an 8k value)
[LAP]'s most recent past releases (8 sets for over 3k value) plus anything released between now and June 01 2009.
Any 5 fat packs of hair from Tiny Bird! (almost 5k value)

2nd Place Winner:
Any 3 pose sets from [LAP] plus a 400L giftcard to do with as you please!
Any one fat pack of hair from Tiny Bird!

3rd Place Winner:
Any one pose set from [LAP] plus a 200L giftcard to do with as you please!
Any 3 hairs (three single color choices) from Tiny Bird!

You can do it! You know you wanna. Contest ends May 31st, so get to it!

<3 Dove (just another poser)
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Giftcards Available: Yes. TMC storecard system.

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