Monday, December 8, 2008

New @ [LAP] - A Little Holiday Spirit

Shir Dryke of Ornamental Life sent out the word today about her storecards being slashed 50% and when I found out it was because she was trying to raise a little money to help out her RL situation ...I told her I'd make sure she got the money she needed. To help do that I've created this limited time holiday treat. It's very simple but it's fairly priced all proceeds are going to Shir, so it's for a good purpose.

The chair is mod/copy, 10 prims, scripted - no poseballs. It functions much like my halloween punkins did...actually exactly like they did, except this is just a one pose prop. It's meant for two people, a male and female. Further instructions are included with purchase. It's only 100L. I put it outside on the steps, so it's easy to find! Thank you everyone, very much.

Long Awkward Pose TP

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Thaumata said...

super cute!

can i ask you who made your very sweet red hat with the ear flaps? it looks very cozy.

Dove Swanson said...

I should probably do a credit list ..sorry about that. Without logging in here's what I remember:

On Dove:
hat - sey
pjs - skin flicks
boots - lazy places
scarf - creamshop
gloves - barerose showgirl outfit

On Bungplug - male alt hehe
PJs gift from Damiani
Hat - 69
Hair - truth

there ya go! ;)