Saturday, December 20, 2008

New @ [LAP] - Buncha Couples & Group Stuffs

I thought I had a bright idea (it was not), but instead I think I lost my mind (true story), when I attempted to take over the world (I failed) by way of a pose set. The holidays are coming up and with that, lots of parties and pictures. So...I thought, why not make a huge pose set? :o If you have more than twenty friends, well, you suck. :p hehe.

I give you!!! :o

This set is made up of 8 smaller couples/group sets plus a couple of various poses I threw in to fill it out. It's casual and fun, kinda sweet, a lot dorky and goofy like me. And, here's the kicker - it's mod/copy! :D The first time I've ever offered a couple/group pose set with copy perms! I figure it would be insane trying to edit a set this large and not have a backup copy at all times. The nice thing too is that you can rez it, move it around, delete a pose, copy a pose, and recreate a pretty much endless number of combinations and have several large group sets for any photo situation. ALSO....I priced it so that you are saving almost 50% over buying the smaller sets individually.

Here are the smaller sets, just incase you have no need for such a large group set (not all of us have that many friends, goodness! :o) - these are MOD/TRANS. Not copy.

Hopefully this will help with those holiday party photo needs! You can find them all at my main store right now, far wall to the right as you come in the doors. Have a safe and happy holiday season and a great new year!

<3 Dove (just another poser)

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