Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Couples/Groups Pose Sets @ [LAP]!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

That's LONG.AWKWARD.POSE. or [LAP] just incase you were wondering.

Hi guys and gals! I know it has been a couple of weeks since the last update, I admit it, I have been slacking off. :p Okay, that's not entirely true, I do have a lot of things in the works - read below if you care to - otherwise here's the new stuff!

New couple's and group's sets this week! I've been doing a bunch of custom work and some of the customers were kind enough to let me release them to the public - so you guys get to enjoy them too! :D

(as always my couple/group sets are mod/trans)
(click for larger image preview)


That last one is a freebie for my group only! If you haven't joined, you should, it's subscribe-o-matic so it doesn't take up any group slots and I try not to spam unless it's total greatness. :D

Anyway, I've been working on a ton of custom projects, some of which are inspiring me and motivating me in the AO department that so many of you have been on my case about. :p So that's a plus. I'm also looking into opening up a couple of satellite shops in the near future - I hope that proves to be a success! I've got my hands in a few more charity/benefit events so be on the lookout for ways you can participate and help, and also grab up some goodies for a good cause!

Oh! One last thing. I'm sure some of you have heard of or know Tillie Ariantho - if you haven't yet, you need to get your hands on her totally awesome pose stand. It's a must for photographers and pose-addicts out there. The reason I'm telling you guys this is because you can now find one of her vendors in my shop, just inside the doorway on the right. Any questions or comments you have can be directed her way - I'm just the messenger.

That's all from me!

<3 Dove (just another poser)

Long Awkward Pose In-World


Stacia said...

Dear Dove... just discovered your store, thanks to the "What's New" blog yesterday, and loved it! Question for you... I've been looking for a hitchhiker pose and... believe it or not, I don't think anyone's made one yet. Is that something you might consider? :-) Thanks again for your cool poses and thoughtful pricing. Sincerely, - Stacia

Dove Swanson said...

Hiya Stacia!

Probably the reason you haven't been able to find a pose like that is because we don't have the option for a 'thumbs up' hand morph when we are uploading animations and poses. :( Finger manipulation is a totally client-side feature, and one that we have no control over unfortunately. :(

Thank you for taking time to stop by and peek at my poses! ;)

Elaine Lisle said...

hi Dove! your reply about finger manipulation not being controllable has left me a bit puzzled, if you look here you'll understand why:
I can't remember where this pose was from, since it was a freebie... but if you're interested, I can look it up when I'm in-world

(I'm really looking forward to those animated poses for my AO ;-) - you're a star)

Elaine Lisle said...

animated poses = animated stands

Dove Swanson said...

Hey Elaine! I should check my blog more often. lol I forget that people can leave comments here. :o

What I meant is that we have no control over what the fingers/hands can do beyond what the SL client/viewer will allow us to choose during the upload process. Currently we only have options such as:

Peace Right
Salute Right

etc and so on... (which is why you have a pose with a peace sign being thrown, you'll notice it's always the right hand unless someone mirrors it in PS).

With programs such as Poser, we have the ability to manipulate fingers in pretty much any way we want to ...but SL has its limits and isn't quite up to par, sadly. Maybe one day. heh. :p