Sunday, November 2, 2008

I <3 Noobles

I've had these in my shop for months now, but never really made a big fuss about them. They were actually quite popular (IMs capped every day delivering these suckers) with just 3 stands, 1 ground sit and 1 object sit. I decided recently that I was not entirely satisfied, even as a freebie, with how they were, and I cursed myself for sending a whole new generation of noobs and alts out there in the world with a shoddy representation of an AO. I am sorry. Forgive me! :p So, I went in, jammed it full of poses to give it what you see in the photos. These are still only available to new residents of 30 days or less, but hopefully they'll be a bit more acceptable, quality-wise. It's still very very basic, but it beats the default, I suppose.

I know some people would like to have this, that are not new residents, so as a hint, they will be available for a limited time during a certain hunt, that will be the ONLY time EVER that you can get these without being a total noob.

Happy Sunday! :)
Dove (just another poser)


Mourna Biziou said...

That is so awesome of you.

I know where I'll be sending the nooblets. now. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Dove,
I am so glad you have those! I will come to buy one for sure! I made one ao myself with your poses and I got some compliments that it looked very natural and real. So I can't wait till I can have this one! Just gimme some time to tp :) Hugs

skat said...
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skat said...

I bring n00b's to your shop all the time (I'm averaging 2 or 3 a week lately;) to pick up your free AO's ever since I outfitted an alt with one a few months ago. I wish I'd found your shop when I was new...and before I'd spent over 1000L (somewhere else) on my AO!!!

I have to tell you, though, 30 days is not nearly enough time...I didn't even know what an AO was in my first 30 days in SL... What a shame that you don't offer this AO for sale...