Monday, January 21, 2008

Longer and more Awkward than ever!

I finally did it ...and with a little help from my friends! After weeks of creating and sorting around a hundred new poses - and weeks of redoing ALL of my ad and graphic schemes - and weeks of aquiring land and building my's finally all done! Long Awkward Pose [LAP] has returned!

First I have to give thanks where it's severely due. BoRee Vella, my bestest buddy in SL and a total fashion hor - she spent long hours decorating and altering my shop so that it came out looking totally elite. Check out her 'About Face' blog to see some pictures of the interior, it's awesome! I would have let it come out looking like a shit box so I'm ever thankful for her help. *chomps Bobo*

Second, I need to give thanks to Lawless McBride, the hottest hunk of man meat in pixelated-form! He has supported and pushed and calmed and soothed me thru this entire process, even thru the points where I could have called it quits. He's a voice of reason, so smart and sucha giver. <3

Third, thank you to all of the people who came down for the private sneak-peek reopening party yesterday. You guys made it a huge success but I always did have some of the best customers in SL. Bravo to you all! You rock!

Okay, all the mushy stuff aside now, look for updates on what's new in the next post, but here's some common and basic store info for you:

  • All of my static poses are now copy/mod - I apologize for not making them mod originally, if you purchased old poses from me and need a mod version, just let me know please!
  • All of my poses now belong to sets and groups, this is in order to make them easier to purchase and also make the pose stands easier to peruse.
  • All of my old inventory will remain priced at the 50% off reduced rate. If you are confused about which poses you might already own just remember that poses priced at 25L are old inventory, and poses priced at 50L are completely new, never released!

I think that'll do for now. I have plans in the works, whole new sets I will be releasing in the coming weeks, animating that I am working hard to learn well, AO sets, couple/group poses and much more in the future! Hope to see you in-world sometime soon!


Katlene said...

Love the Title if the Shoe fits, I use it all the time.....

Katlene Niven

Anonymous said...

anything for you dovers!